Our Approach

Strategic Framework

Pillsbury United Communities' Strategic Framework is focused on investing in organizational capacity in order to further its impact. It is a plan to disrupt our current thinking, to challenge convention and to establish even bolder goals that push us beyond our organizational comfort zone.  It is a recognition that Pillsbury United Communities can take even greater advantage of its collective strengths by working smarter in the pursuit of ensuring all individuals and families are well and living in thriving communities.

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Strategic Framework Leadership Team

Chanda Smith Baker, Vickie Besch, Julie Brauninger, Antonio Cardona, Julia Donaldson, Amano Dube, Lisa Dunlap, Julie Graves, Mike Hoyt, Edwin Irwin, Katie Kohn, Adair Mosley, Abdirahman Mukhtar, Faye M. Price, Noel Raymond, Francisco Segovia, Matt Tennant, Awol Windissa, and Corrie Zoll