President and CEO
Director of Public Sector Programs
Chief of Staff
Director, Oak Park
Director, Brian Coyle
Julie Graves
Director of Youth Impact and Director, Waite House
Kelly Leuca
Director of Family Services
Vanan Murugesan
Director of Design and Innovation
Kim Pepper
Director of Brand Marketing and Advancement
Co-Artistic Director, Pillsbury House + Theatre
Co-Artistic Director, Pillsbury House + Theatre
Neeyada Santopietro
Director of Human Resources
Tsega Tamene
Director of Community Health

Board Members

Dr. Laura Bloomberg Chair
Dean, University of Minnesota - Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Siyad Abdullahi
Founder/President/CEO, Language Banc, LLC
Faysal Abraham
Operations Consultant
Lindsay L. Benjamin Secretary
Senior Project Manager, Optum Operations, UnitedHealth Group
Marni Bumsted
Melinda Emerson
Director of Customer Experience Department, Best Buy
Molly Haney
Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility, Target Corporation
Taylor Harwood
Senior Vice President, U.S. Trust
Chris Huset Treasurer
Manager, Accenture
Mahrous Kandil
Assistant Director, Hennepin Elementary School
Kenji Okumura
Product Director, UHC Digital, UnitedHealthcare
Amit Patel
CEO, Vios Medical, Inc.
Norah Shapiro
Director/Producer, Flying Pieces Productions
Jeff Steinle Vice Chair
Attorney, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.
Anne Stukas
Financial Planning & Analysis Lead, Cargill
Kaori Yamada