Programs for Adults with Disabilities


Employing Partners in Community (EPIC) has provided Job Development, Assessment and Job Coaching services since 1987 to adults with developmental delays.  We have a network of employers throughout Minneapolis in multiple industries and every level of employment. We are known for our ability to secure employment and assessments quickly after referral. Other services we offer include Working Interviews, School to Work Transition for students graduating from High School, and On the Job Training.
We Offer:
Motivated Employees:
Our staff provide full on the job training or job coaches to the employee at no cost to the employer.
School to Work Transition:
Students transitioning from high school to employment participate in career exploration and work experience opportunities.
Who Benefits?
Motivated employees who value joining the workforce.
Employees who are on time.
Employees who look forward to going to work.
Respect in the community as an employer who supports and believes in the right of all individuals to work.
Satisfaction from meeting goals.
Self-esteem and dignity from work experience.
Opportunities for friendship.
Productive, tax paying citizens.
A diverse, well-integrated community.

Life Skills

Camden Community Coalition provides critically important advocacy and navigation services that enable adults with some social barriers, but living on their own, to continue to live independently. Whatever their range of needs and capabilities may be, we design services to help our clients realize their personal potential, with advocates working in collaboration with adults to support life goals. This will include one-to-one advocacy, small group counseling, trainings and social/recreational opportunities.
For more information contact, Camden Center at 612.529.8054.