Classes and Workshops

Our classes and workshops take a holistic approach to helping Minneapolis residents lead healthier lives.

Chronic Diseases and Diabetes Self-Management Program

The Chronic and Diseases and Diabetes Self-Management Program provides a series of evidence based workshops for seniors on living with diabetes, health action planning, dealing with difficult emotions, life-skills, healthy eating, mobility and exercise. Classes are 2.5 hours long, and part of a six week series. 

To sign up for a class, or learn more about the program, contact Awol Windissa at 612.876.9330.

Health Realization Training

Health Realization is a philosophy that has been identified as a best practice for resilience or strengths based programming. When used as a foundation for bringing mental wellbeing to individuals, families, communities and organizations, the principles of this model transform resilience from a good idea to an achievable reality.

The Training Center's work with individuals and organizations is customized to meet your needs. Services may include individual counseling, life coaching, seminars, and systematic change.  Topics might include: Reducing Stress, Turning Down the Static in Your Attic, Moving from Risk to Resiliency, Parenting With a Calm Perspective, Bringing Health to Life, and Finding Peace of Mind.

The Training Center staff has been teaching the principles of Health Realization to community members and organizations since 1991. Program Director, Cindi Claypatch is one of the original Health Realization practitioners in the country.  

For more information about Health Realization Training, contact Cindi Claypatch at 612.823.5973 or