Interpreting Agency

image of interpreting agency staff members

Pillsbury United Communities is a trusted provider of translation and interpretation services to businesses and organizations of all sizes who want to reach a broader audience by providing written or verbal material in different languages. Our rates are highly competitive and our team of interpreters is comprised of experienced professionals, each of whom has at least five years of experience providing timely, accurate translation and interpretation services.

To hire us or ask additional questions, contact Juan Peraza at 612-787-3713. For emergency services, call his cell at 612-309-7692.


We provide qualified, interpreters who will best fit your needs and are native speakers in the language of your client.

Person to Person
: An interpreter can be present at medical appointments, legal matters such as trials and court appearances, investigative interviews, meetings, corporate conferences, private language matters, workers' compensation and immigration hearings, and corporate and small business training classes on various topics.

Telephonic Interpretations
: We can also provide services over the telephone for conferences, legal, medical and personal matters.


All of our translations are completed by professional translators, real people not computers, resulting in an accurate and complete translation.

Document to Document
: We provide document translations for medical, legal, technical, personal, industrial and literary matters. We can translate instructional manuals of various topics, such as construction and computer programming step-by-step brochures. Let us translate your birth certificate, divorce decree, school records, employee manuals and handbooks. We also translate document to document for real-estate brochures, flyers, newspapers, magazines, websites and/or webpages of all sizes.

Telephonic Contact to Document
: We will put you in touch with an interpreter who will speak your language in order to translate your words onto a document in the language you chose. The translated documents can be returned back to you in Microsoft Word, PDF file, CD or floppy disk.


We understand that interpreters are often needed at a moment’s notice for meetings, appointments and interviews. We offer live service to our clients on a moment’s notice while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. And we will have your documents completed and returned to you in the shortest amount of time possible and will accommodate last-minute requests without any additional charges. (Non-emergency requests should allow for at least 48 hours for turnaround.)


We provide interpretation and translation services for the following languages:
    •    Albanian
    •    Amharic
    •    Anyuak
    •    Arabic
    •    Bassa
    •    Cambodian
    •    Cantonese
    •    Chinese
    •    English
    •    Farsi
    •    French
    •    German
    •    Hmong
    •    Igbo
    •    Italian
    •    Kissi
    •    Korean
    •    Kpelle
    •    Krahn
    •    Kru
    •    Laotian
    •    Mandarin
    •    Mandingo
    •    Oromo
    •    Portuguese
    •    Russian
    •    Somali
    •    Spanish
    •    Somali
    •    Swahili
    •    Thai
    •    Tigrinya
    •    Vietnamese

For languages not listed, please contact us with the language and the origin and we will work to assist you.