In response to the President's recent comments

Rooted in the Settlement House movement, Pillsbury United Communities has always worked with and for immigrants settling in the United States from all over the world. And today, Pillsbury United continues to work with many of the most marginalized groups in Minnesota, including low-income families, immigrants, and refugees. In fact, Minnesota is home to the largest diaspora of Somali and Oromo people outside of East Africa. Two of our community centers in particular- Waite House and Brian Coyle - serve primarily immigrant communities. We believe immigrants are critical to our country’s identity, and they have made positive contributions to our society economically, socially, and culturally.

However, recent hateful, anti-immigrant comments from President Trump compel us to speak up and stand in solidarity with our community members toward whom these intolerable remarks are aimed.

We condemn President Trump’s ignorant, hateful, and hurtful rhetoric that only further encourage stereotypes, breeding hate, fear, and mistrust.

We condemn the mischaracterization and wrongful targeting of immigrant communities.

We do not tolerate hatred, bigotry, sexism, or xenophobia.

We believe everyone should have a fair and equal opportunity to succeed in this country.

We have a long history of serving immigrant communities—and we are proud of the people we serve and proud of the amazing people who work for our organization.

We want everyone in this community to feel accepted, welcome, valued, and safe while in our facilities.

We embrace the wonderful diversity of our community, and we whole-heartedly believe that all communities and cultures should be treated respectfully and equitably.

Jan. 12, 2018