Opening Date Set For North Market

Drive by the building at the corner of 44th and Humboldt Av N and you’ll see a construction crew from Benson-Orth General Contractors busy at work turning it into North Market. Square footage is being added, a new roof and floor are going in, and the interior space is being transformed into a full-service grocery store combined with health and wellness resources.


Away from the construction site, the project team is hard at work hiring staff, forging new partnerships, ordering inventory and planning wellness programs. All this behind-the-scenes activity is leading to the grand opening of North Market on December 13!

North Market, a project of Pillsbury United Communities (PUC), has been under development for 3 years.  “The community told us what they needed, and this innovative new approach comes from their input,” acknowledges Adair Mosley, Interim President and CEO of PUC. “By combining access to good food at affordable prices with access to service that promote good health, and setting it in an underserved community, we have the chance to change the game on individual and community health here.”

North Memorial signed on as an anchor partner to provide health services on nutrition and pharmaceutical management. SuperValu is the grocery partner, and 40-50% of the grocery stock will come from there. The other 50-60% will come from local produce, meat and dairy suppliers. The store will dedicate shelf space to feature products made in North Minneapolis.

Right now, the community is invited to support North Market, and become part of the Northside history. Pillsbury United Communities is currently running the “Building Blocks for Greater Goodness” campaign to give supporters the chance to put their name on the exterior wall of the building facing 44th. Funds raised will go to support programming at the Market. To learn more, go to the Building Blocks for Greater Goodness campaign page.