Office of Public Charter Schools

Charter School Authorization
Pillsbury United Communities is committed to ensuring all students are prepared and ready for life. As a charter school authorizer, we work to make certain that every young person is in school, engaged and in an environment that believes in their endless potential- no matter their current circumstance.

PUC authorized charter schools align with our mission, vision and values, as well as demonstrate the capacity to be successful with the following student populations:

  • Students who qualify for free or reduce lunch

  • Students whom English is not their first language or their parents first language

  • Students who have special needs and/or have a different learning styles

  • Students who are significantly behind academically

  • Students who are culturally and ethically diverse

  • Students who are disengaged and/or dropped out of school and have re-engaged (high school)

The Office of Public Charter Schools (OPCS) is responsible for providing compliance oversight and monitoring academic achievement, financial, governance, operational strength and performance goals for each of its schools. The OPCS has the following responsibilities: 

  • New School Development - Authorizing the start-up of new schools that will provide an innovative academic program that will provide a culturally relevant, vigorous experience for its students.

  • Transfer Schools - Charter schools that are operational may seek a new authorizer. We will accept transfer schools that met our criteria and are aligned with our mission, vision and values. 

  • Oversight - OPCS provides ongoing oversight and monitoring of its authorized charter schools. OPCS also offers regular opportunities for all charter leaders to come together in a community of practice focused on the academic, social and emotional success of all students. Learn more (PDF of oversight and compliance)

  • Renewals - OPCS has a contract with each charter school that outlines performance goals and operational expectations; contract terms range from one to five years. The OPCS has a renewal process that evaluates school governance and leadership, finance, academic, as well as other operational areas.

  • School Closures - OPCS has the responsibility to ensure its charter schools are in compliance, financially viable and meeting academic and operational goals as defined in its contract. OPCS has a tiered intervention process that provides notice of concern and actions required to satisfy the identified issue(s). Any school that advances in the intervention process without satisfying expectations will advance to the final step which is school closure.