Our Core Values
Equity and Inclusion • People and Partnerships • Co-creating solutions • Arts and Culture • Innovation and Creativity
Our Vision
We envision individuals and families are well and living in thriving communities.

Pillsbury United Communities

Our mission is creating choice, change and connection. 

Pillsbury United Communities works with underestimated populations across Minneapolis to foster the resilience and self-sufficiency of individuals, families and community as a whole.  We design solutions that address a spectrum of intersecting needs- from education to employment to health- while continually investing in our own capacity to innovate and improve. We’re creating a new model for nonprofit organizations with our interconnected system of programs, community centers, and social enterprises connects with over 55,000 individuals each year.  

Whole people in whole communities

Poverty, health inequities and other systemic problems can’t be solved by one program or path.  To make real progress an interconnected approach is needed.  Instead of targeting narrow needs, Pillsbury United Communities looks at the many barriers holding people back: from gaps in education to inadequate nutrition to economic isolation. Then we create assets that address those deficits in a holistic way, inside and outside our doors.  By supporting people’s lives in a broad context, we create an impact far greater than the sum of our programs.

Working smarter to accomplish more

In a world of increasing needs and decreasing resources, how we work is as important as what we do.  Becoming more effective and efficient requires ongoing investment in operational excellence from top to bottom.  Our staff and partners go beyond conventional thinking, take risk, and pursue better, bolder and more farsighted ways to meet our goals.  In the process, we anticipate tomorrow’s needs and create the next generation of leaders and model programs.

Design. Evaluate. Improve.

Thriving communities are works in progress.  Being a relevant and sustainable partner means evolving in step with those we serve.  To that end, we understand our community’s needs in depth, design solutions around those needs and evaluate our success. All Pillsbury United Communities programs are informed by ongoing feedback from stakeholders and their impact is tracked and measured.  Through this process of continuous improvements, we provide our community the exceptional services and programs they deserve.


Pillsbury United Communities is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with approximately 180 staff, many of whom reside in the immediate neighborhood surrounding their place of work.